Windy’s Pick Em 4-3

Hey fans, are you ready for this monster Saturday?! We’ve got the Final Four, MLB opening weekend, NHL, and NBA action. Let’s seize the day!

  • (L) Redsox
  • (W) Dodgers
  • (W) Whitesox
  • (W) Rays
  • (W) Avs
  • (W) Oilers
  • (W) Leafs
  • (W) Capitals
  • (L) Knicks
  • (W) Grizzlies
  • (L) Jazz -12.5


  • Baylor -220 ML over Houston. I love the Bears today vs the Cougars and here’s why. Baylor has a much more talented team than Houston and a lot deeper bench. While Grimes and Sasser will try to keep Houston in this one, I think Baylor’s arsenal of shooters is going to be too hot to handle. The Cougars are one of the best rebounding teams though so things could be closer than expected.
  • Gonzaga -13.5 vs UCLA. The Zags continue to prove they are the best team in the country and are the clear favorites to win the title. However, what a story UCLA has been reaching the final four as an 11 seed. It just comes to show you why they call it march madness as all it takes is for a team to get hot in order to make a deep run.


  • Yankees -166 ML over Blue Jays. Kluber takes the mound for the Bronx Bombers today and New York will have all eyes on him as he’s going to be a huge factor for their starting rotation this season. Can Kluber return to the dominate CY Young pitcher he was with the Indians? I think so especially when you look at all the run support he’ll get from that Yankees lineup.
  • Dodgers -250 ML over Rockies. After a loss on opening day, the Dodgers & Trevor Bauer won 11-6 last night and now they hand the ball to Walker Buehler. They are also facing Jon Gray, who is likely to be dealt at the trade deadline and has been a huge disappointment for the Rockies the last few seasons. Taking the defending World Series Champs here is a no brainer!
  • Cubs -168 ML over Pirates
  • Rays -116 ML over Marlins


  • Bruins -126 ML over Penguins *Sleeper Pick*
  • Lightning -430 ML over Wings
  • Predators -120 ML over Hawks
  • Panthers -164 ML over Jackets
  • Rangers -255 ML over Sabres


  • Wizards +6 vs Mavs *Sleeper Pick*
  • Knicks -126 ML over Pistons
  • 76ers -12 vs Wolves
  • Heat -11.5 vs Cavs

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