Windy’s Pick Em 3-15

Happy Monday fans! What a great selection Sunday we had yesterday as the tournament field was announced and I’m excited to preview those picks in the next few days. In the meantime we will still have NHL and NBA picks until the NCAA Tourney kicks off Thursday.

  • (L) Cincinnati
  • (W) Illinois
  • (W) Alabama
  • (W) Avs
  • (W) Wild
  • (W) Hurricanes
  • (W) Hawks
  • (W) Celtics -11


  • Lightning -330 ML over Predators
  • Canucks -176 ML over Senators
  • Panthers -190 ML over Blackhawks
  • Knights -260 ML over Sharks
  • Capitals -260 ML over Sabres


  • Wizards +8.5 vs Bucks *Sleeper Pick*
  • Hornets -162 ML over Kings
  • Nuggets -215 ML over Pacers

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