Windy’s Pick Em 3-11

How about the Georgetown Hoyas yesterday and the Syracuse Orange getting it done?! We had a perfect day in college basketball yesterday as tournament again continues. Let’s get it going!

  • (W) Syracuse
  • (W) Georgetown
  • (W) Northern Colorado
  • (W) Oilers
  • (W)Wild
  • (W)Avs
  • (L) Ducks
  • (L) Canucks


  • UCLA -230 ML over Oregon State
  • Boise State -180 ML over Nevada
  • UCF -230 ML over East Carolina
  • USC -330 ML over Utah


  • Bruins -190 ML over Rangers
  • Hurricanes -245 ML over Predators
  • Sabres +1.5 vs Penguins *Sleeper Pick*
  • Lightning -360 ML over Redwings
  • Stars -154 ML over Blackhawks


  • Nets -144 ML over Celtics
  • Kings -196 ML over Rockets
  • Pelicans -8 vs Wolves

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