Windy’s Pick Em 3-9

Happy Tuesday everybody! With Selection Sunday approaching there are a ton of great conference games to watch and as always the NBA & NHL picks so let’s dive into it!

  • (L) Hofstra
  • (W) Cleveland State
  • (W) Pepperdine +8.5
  • (W) Oilers
  • (L) Avs
  • (W) Wild


  • Pittsburgh -162 ML over Miami. The Panthers are one of the most underrated teams in the ACC and it starts with star Justin Champagnie. The Hurricanes fell 70-55 earlier this season to the Panthers and I don’t see them winning today either.
  • Bryant -255 ML over Mount Saint Mary’s.
  • Cleveland State -144 ML over Oakland.
  • Quinnipiac +6.5 vs Iona *Sleeper Pick*


  • Penguins -164 ML over Rangers
  • Flyers -245 ML over Sabres
  • Hurricanes -210 ML over Predators
  • Capitals -200 ML over Devils
  • Leafs -184 ML over Jets

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