Windy’s Pick Em 2-23

Yesterday was a great day for picks as we only saw the Flames upset the Leafs and the VMI game got postponed. The Rockets and the Lakers also lost but those picks were sleepers. Results from yesterday are below along with today’s slate!

  • (W) Duke
  • (W) USC
  • (L) Leafs
  • (W)Panthers
  • (L) Lakers
  • (L) Rockets
  • (W) Suns
  • (W) Jazz


  • St Johns +11.5 vs Villanova
  • Missouri -184 ML over Mississippi
  • Arizona State -375 ML over Washington
  • Georgia Tech +124 ML over Virginia Tech *Sleeper Pick*


  • Jackets -134 ML over Blackhawks
  • Predators -164 ML over Redwings
  • Devils -136 ML over Sabres


  • Magic -156 ML over Pistons
  • Nets -7 Spread over Kings
  • Nuggets -330 ML over Blazers
  • Wizards +10.5 Spread vs Clippers *Sleeper Pick*

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